Sunday, April 4, 2010

"It's the internet, you know, the place where people leave their breadcrumbs like photos and videos and blogs. They post their favorite quotes or spontaneous banter about the world and how they perceive it. And you're just wondering, looking at the trails and paths beaten by others. So you found her trail; you found the girl who'd complete your world, but she stopped logging on a year ago and it's been two years since she posted anything. The internet is like an archive of missed soul mates divided by time. At this exact site, she was here writing the exact same things going through your head, it's comforting in a way since you're not alone. But you missed her-- you missed her by a lot."


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  1. Thoughts
    Dyou roughly think these before you write them, and put them into nice sentences later? Dyou think all of it, then type out what you remember? Or do you think them as you write them?