Friday, November 19, 2010



I walked to my apartment from the library, and just before I opened my door, I noticed that it was a lovely night. The sky was clear and the air felt cool and brisk so I decided to spend a little time outside my balcony. I leaned against the railings as I peered up at the moon, and I realized that I wasn't alone. Just above me perched a shaded bird, who appeared to be staring down at me. And against my better judgment, I raced inside my room and pulled out my camera to see what it was with the flash. And as you can see, it was an owl!

It's so cute that I want to pet it.

Eventually, my better judgment came over me, and I realized that I probably shouldn't take pictures of a bird that's staring directly at me with a bright [hopefully not blinding] flash. Sadly, my ornithological empathy came three pictures too late, and I hope I didn't hurt it too much.

I sheepishly went inside while still feeling giddy .. if not slightly guilty for ruining the owl's night.

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